Bussman by Eaton – Expanded DC ratings on KWN-R and KWS-R 1-60A fuses

As the leader in circuit protection, Eaton is expanding the DC ratings on Bussmann series UL Listed 250Vac/dc KWN-R and 600 Vac/dc KWS-R fast-acting LimitronTM Class RK1 fuses.

The 1 to 60 A KWN-R and KWS-R fuses are now dual voltage rated and can be applied at 250 Vac/dc and 600 Vac/dc, respectively, with interrupting ratings of 200 kA AC and 20 kA DC. With the KWN-R and KTN-R offerings, we now have a full line of Bussmann series RK1 fuses with 250Vdc ratings from 1 to 600 amps. The KWS-R now provides a 600Vdc solution for 1 to 60 amp DC applications.

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