Eaton – Streetworks ISLC 3100-7P Wireless Lighting Controller

The ConnectWorks iSLC-3100-7P is an intelligent wireless lighting controller with exceptional fault tolerance and a multitude of features. Each iSLC-3100-7P provides intelligent ON/OFF switching, dimming control, GPS (optional), highly accurate power metering, optional analog and digital sensor inputs and constant status and health monitoring of your lighting fixtures.

Robust and Reliable
Reliably operates over large distances up to 5,000 feet line of site per hop.

Wireless Technology
The controller utilizes the latest developments in self-forming and self-healing wireless RF technology.

Simple and Easy Asset Management
The iSLC controller monitors various assets of the lighting fixture and updates the Central Management System.

Remote Control and Scheduling
The iSLC controller supports multiple control modes such as user configurable ON/OFF/DIM schedules programmed on a daily / monthly / special events basis, local ad-hoc control, photocell and mixed mode scheduling incorporating sensor inputs.

Burn Hours
The iSLC controller keeps track of lamp burn hours for predictive maintenance.

Plug and Play Installation
iSLC 3100-7P uses the 7-pin ANSI C136.41 interface for true “plug-and-play” installation with compatible luminaires.

A Photocell in Every Controller
The iSLC dusk-to-dawn photocell operates immediately upon installation without dependency on the network.

Optional GPS in Every Controller
Optional GPS capabilities reduce install times and eliminate future mapping issues. GPS coordinates for each iSLC are sent automatically to the cloud-based Central Management System for overlay on a Google Maps interface. Without GPS, installers must manually record the pole ID, iSLC ID and its Latitude/Longitude location to map them correctly.

Extended Surge Protection
CATB (6kV/3kA) surge protection is standard, while CATC (20kV/10kA) surge protection is available as an option.

Full ANSI C136. 41 7-Pin Dimming Receptacle Support
The iSLCs work with any compatible luminaire with full support for all 7-pins on the ANSI C136.41 dimming receptacle for true “plug and play” installation. The iSLC controllers support the addition of digital or analog sensors, such as motion, vehicle counts or environmental sensors through pins 6 and 7.

Revenue Grade Energy Metering
The iSLCs monitor Current, Voltage, Frequency, Power Factor, kW and kWh, and energy metering at 2.0% standard (0.5% optional) for accurate consumption data and billing.

Fault Tolerance
Each iSLC controller is a highly intelligent stand-alone device that utilizes the latest developments in self-organizing, self-healing, wireless technologies. Proper operation and execution of a schedule is not dependent on network communications.

Dimming Control
The iSLC controller supports dimming through analog 0-10V, PWM or DALI interfaces. DALI compatible with single LED drivers only.

Alarm Call Service
Alarms can be sent directly to approved users via Emails or Text (SMS) when they occur. Messages are time stamped and contain key parameters associated with the fault/alarm.

Fault Monitoring
The iSLC controllers provide extensive fault monitoring to report on day burners, burnouts, lamp cycling, ballast failures, over/under voltage, abnormal power consumption, low power factors, communication failures and more. All faults are sent to the cloud-based Central Management System for alarmrouting, visualization and fault correction.

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