Evaluating Out of Tolerance Instruments (Whitepaper)

My unit has been found Out of Tolerance! Now what?

Out-of-Tolerance is a simple statement, but an incredibly powerful one. This simple statement of non-compliance will mean more work to be done, a lot more work, very important work that can have far reaching effects. In essence, you have non-conforming material. Your Quality system has a procedure for handling non-conforming material, however, this is non-conforming instrumentation used in your process, not material produced by your process, and that is the real concern. Did the instrument affect your product? How much product? How severe is the impact? Is a recall of the product necessary? This presentation will provide a general guideline on what to do when faced with an Out-of-Tolerance condition on measurement instrumentation and how to conduct an impact analysis.

This paper will help you understand how instrument selection can help you:

  • Develop an OOT evaluation strategy
  • Identify elements to reduce evaluation time
  • Analyze the impact of OOT measurements on your processes
  • Reduce producer and consumer risk
  • This Whitepaper was written by Phil Mistretta for Transcat. Royal does not take any credit for the document provided.

    Download the White Paper Here

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