Ilsco – StreetWise Street Light Connectors

ILSCO introduces an innovative line of UL 486D Listed StreetWise streetlight connectors which offer a unique selling proposition given their design characteristics:

  • Designed to disconnect or breakaway upon impact at a light pole
  • Pre-insulated and sealed to mitigate the possibility of contact with live wires
  • Does not require additional boot to achieve a watertight connection
  • Easy to install into new and existing streetlights
  • Allows configurations for many applications including lights and traffic cameras
  • Ability to selectively fuse two loads with a single line which reduces inventory
  • Can be configured as a theft deterrent reducing exposure to costly copper wire theft and downtime to repair
  • Meets or exceeds UL Certification requirements

The ILSCO StreetWise connector, the only way to ensure that your streetlights are safe, modular and secure.

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