OmniCable – VITALink 2-Hour Fire-Rated MC Power Cables

Omni Cable has partnered with Rockbestos-Suprenant Cable Corporation (RSCC) Wire & Cable as a supplier of their 2-Hour Fire-Rated VITALink® MC power cables. The product’s innovative technology allows cables to survive and operate during a fire.

VITALink MC power cable is certified by UL as 2-Hour Fire Rated to UL 2196 and is National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) compliant in both horizontal and vertical orientations when installed in accordance with NEC requirements, RSCC Wire & Cable manufacturer’s instructions, and UL’s Electrical Circuit Integrity System number FHIT.120.

The power cable is Halogen free, the armor is impact & crush resistant, and it is available in long lengths and cut pieces. Additionally, VITALink MC can meet and exceed code requirements for NFPA 130 in transit applications as well as NFPA 502 for roadway tunnels. Certified to ANSI/UL 2196-2012, VITALink MC can also be specified and used with confidence in these applications.

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