Picoma – SpeedCouple

A new product in Picoma’s portfolio, SpeedCouple is a pre-installed elbow coupling that will allow you to save up to 50% on materials while helping increase your productivity.

Ideal for tight spaces, you no longer have to turn the elbow. With SpeedCouple, just turn the coupling and let the threads do the work. Connecting in half the time when compared to conventional couplings, the savings will add up immediately!

SpeedCouple pre-installed elbow couplings are listed to UL-514B. SpeedCouple rigid steel elbows are listed to UL-6 and are manufactured and UL® Listed to both U.S. and Canadian requirements.

SpeedCouple is not approved for wet locations. Picoma’s standard conduit and standard couplings are approved for wet and hazardous locations, including direct burial.

SpeedCouple is not approved for hazardous locations. SpeedCouple rigid steel elbows are permitted in installations and locations covered by Article 344 — Rigid Metal Conduit of the National Electrical Code®. Reference 344.42 for threadless couplings and connectors.

SpeedCouple is zinc-electroplated.

Picoma’s SpeedCouple is available:

  • On rigid steel elbows
  • For standard and special radius elbows
  • In trade sizes 2–5

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