Siemens – 400/600 Amp Enclosed Switches

The Industry’s Most Trusted Safety Switches

  • UL98 and CSA certified, HP rated and approved for service entrance applications.
  • Compact one piece lightweight construction thatenables easier installation even in tight spaces.
  • Multiple break current paths for excellent loaded endurance, reduces heat and increases switching speed.
  • Extended endurance cycles provides three times the UL requirement.
  • 400 amp switch has two lugs 1/0 – 600 MCM; using two smaller wires vs. one large wire that can significantly reduce installation cost.
  • Lay-in lugs are provided for easier wiring. The lug cap is removable and dramatically reduces the need for vertical insertion of wire into lug.
  • Spring loaded heat sink fuse clip providing maintenance free consistent contact pressure for optimum performance.
  • One piece line and load base to assure consistent phase-to-phase alignment.
  • The enclosure incorporates an upward flange to prevent water, ice, and snow access from the top of themenclosure. Reductions in seams and large overlaps improve sealing characteristics.
  • Extra ground lug on the neutral eliminates the need for installers to add additional lug when required forlocal codes.
  • Tangential knock outs for consistent installation.
  • Rugged metal handle with large red grip that provides high visibility for the user.
  • Generous wire gutters that meet and/or exceed NEC wire bending space requirements.
  • A unique enclosure design that adds rigidity and strength. It also offers a touch-safe edge for the installer’s hand.

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