Southwire – SIMpull® CoilPAK™

The SIMpull CoilPAK payoff changes the way electrical contractors install branch circuit wiring by eliminating the need for heavy, cumbersome spools. Instead workers use a special, patent-pending process to coil NoLube® SIMpull THNN® wire contained in a sturdy, yet lightweight package. That results in a completely tangle-free pull. The SIMpull CoilPAK payoff uses the same inertia-free pulling design as the SIMpullBARREL™ wire drum, making the wire much easier to push and pull.

This innovative packaging allows for increased versatility on the job site. The package is molded with a handle that makes it easy to carry around, and when pulling wire from the package, it can lay flat or be stacked directly on the floor or lift. Southwire also offers a cart, dolly and hand truck that are all easily maneuverable and allow for installation of multiple SIMpull CoilPAK payoffs.

The addition of the SIMpull CoilPAK payoff completes Southwire’s SIMpull™ Circuit Management System, and when all those products are used together, they combine to help provide a significant impact on the time, margins and labor associated with all of your circuit pulls.

Product Details

  • Increased wire length leads to reduced scrap
  • Striped neutrals available
  • Easy to pull out of package and into conduit/li>
  • Pays off directly from package
  • No additional tools required
  • Designed to help reduce material handling
  • Fits into service trucks and man lifts/li>
  • No need to manage spools/li>

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