Stewart R. Browne Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Stewart R. Browne Manufacturing Co., Inc.

About Stewart R. Browne:

Stewart R. Browne Manufacturing Company utilizes the latest technological advancements to provide Static Grounding and Static Bonding products,Portable Hazardous Location Lighting, and Static Ground Monitoring Systems that meet and exceed our customers’ usages in atmospheres containing explosive gases, vapors and dust, and in which operator safety is the main consideration.

Stewart R. Browne developed the first Underwriters Laboratories Listed (UL) hazardous portable lighting products nearly a century ago, in addition to meeting UL Standards and taking an active role in establishing guidelines as UL committee members. Stewart Browne is also a longtime member of the following organizations:

  • National Safety Council
  • National Fire Protection Agency
  • National Association of Chemical Distributors
  • National Paint and Coatings Association

Beyond product development, they also offer value-added training programs, plant consultations, and training materials that assist our customers in complying with OSHA, NFPA and National Electric code.

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Portable Hazardous Location Light Prices

Hazardous Location Light – XP-162

ModelPart NamePrice Per Unit ($)
XP-162Light Only454.16
XP-162-25PLight with 25 ft. 16-3 cable + plug515.85
XP-162-50PLight with 50 ft. 16-3 cable + plug546.94
XP-162-100PLight with 100 ft. 16-3 cable + plug622.38
XP-163SAGuard Assembly83.11
XP-419Glass Globe68.52
XP-434Globe Retaining Nut38.22
XP-325Socket Assembly42.27
XP-322Globe Holder and Handle Assembly144.64
XP-326Cord Connection Assembly45.49
XP-120ACord Bushing Assembly55.41
XP-110ACord Bushing Set (16-3 cable)11.75
XP-110BCord Bushing Set (14-3 cable)12.55
XP-459-0Tetraseal Ring (Handle)5.28
A21-100WR.S. Bulb8.93
XP-159Guard and Globe Assembly234.85

Hazardous Location Flood Light with Base

ModelPart NamePrice Per Unit ($)
XP-1530-25PLight with 25 ft. 16-3 cable + plug1981.92
XP-1530-50PLight with 50 ft. 16-3 cable + plug2024.50
XP1532300 Watt Lamp34.61
XP1533Lens Assembly782.62

26 Watt Hazardous Location Flourescent Light – XP-87B

ModelPart NamePrice Per Unit ($)
XP-87BLight (less cord)659.25
XP-87B-50PLight with 50 ft. 16-3 cable + plug754.72
XP-874B26 Watt Lamp36.95
XP-875B110-Volt Ballast78.39
XP-876B26 Watt Lampholder17.46
XP-877Glass Globe97.58
XP-878Cord Connector12.73
XP-935A26 Watt Lamp Cushion14.31
XP-884Cord Bushing Assembly51.90

Hazardous Location Light – 12 Volt Only – XP-99

ModelPart NamePrice Per Unit ($)
XP-99Light (less cord)632.51
XP-99-50Light with 50 ft. 16-3 cable721.12
XP-175DBulb, 100,000 C.P. (12 Volt)39.78
XP-94ALens Assembly134.46
XP-86Swivel Hook22.93

XP-25 & XP-25-H Hazardous Location Light

ModelPart NamePrice Per Unit ($)
XP-25Hazardous Location Light (less cord)681.14
XP25-100Light with 100 ft. 16-3 cable861.39
XP-25-HHazardous Location Light (less cord)819.22
XP-25H-25PLight with 25 ft. 16-3 core + plug893.08
XP-34Globe and Guard Assembly (w/rigid hook)375.34
XP-19Rigid Hook16.27
XP-6Handle Assembly210.16
XP-120ACord Bushing Assembly55.41
XP-110ACord Bushing Set (16-3 cable)11.75
XP-110BCord Bushing Set (14-3)12.55
XP-326Cord Connection Assembly45.49
XP-4125-W, T6-1/2 RS, IF Bulb34.21
XP-15Globe Gasket3.35
XP-33Tubular Assembly 30″165.68
BV-47Handle Bushing2.67

Inspection Light Prices (Non-Hazardous Area)

ModelPart NamePrice Per Unit ($)
1425V-16/3Stubby II Light, 13 Watt w/25 ft. cord134.06
1450V-16/3Stubby II Light, 13 Watt w/50 ft. cord155.09
1925-2015Stubby II LED w/25 ft. cord151.83
1950-2006Stubby II LED w/50 ft. cord167.08
2302-0000SRBStubby II LED Cordless w/ 1 batt. pack244.92
2302-0001SRBStubby II LED Cordless w/ 2 batt. pack319.82
2302-0002SRBStubby II LED Cordless w/ 2 batt. packs and carrying case363.03
5000-1427Battery Pack for Stubby II LED83.74
5000-1454120V Charger42.35
XP-87413 Watt Replacement Lamp20.01
Small Black Case63.79
VY-3(100 Watt) Light262.31
VY-3-50PLight w/50 ft. 16-3 Cable + plug362.31
VY-27HR High Impact Globe28.63
VY-20Aluminum Guard52.73
VY-303 Wire Handle and Globe holder124.17
XP120ABushing Assembly51.27
4003TUFFITE Socket51.05
VY-32Globe Gasket4.75
C-35Sealing Bushing4.75

String Lights

ModelPart NamePrice Per Unit ($)
665050 Watt Twin Tube396.69
6650-2(2) 50 Watt Twin Tube760.20
6654(2) 54 Watt Single Tube801.45
5000-208050 Watt Lamp57.04
5000-213454 Watt Lamp117.78
6006-02902 ft. 3 Strip LED String Light622.74
6006-02894 ft. 3 Strip LED String Light1016.65

Static Grounding and Bonding

Static Ground Monitoring Systems

ModelPart NamePrice Per Unit ($)
VESC50-REB-IPBond-Rite EZ w/REB-IP clamp & 16-ft cable1584.29
VESC50-GAT-IPBond-Rite EZ w/GAT-IP clamp & 16-ft cable1895.79
VESC61 & VESC61/EPBond-Rite Remote (REB-IP)1897.00
VESC62 & VESC62/EPBond-Rite Remote (GAT-IP)2210.66
VESC91*Bond-Rite Remote / EP (Power Supply)1385.99
VESM63*Bond-Rite Remote / EP (Junction Box)579.49
VESI02Bond-Rite Replacement LED133.73
VESC9VLithium Manganese Battery30.02
VESG12Add-on for 32-ft Hytrel coiled cable675.79
EMUE71-QCEarth-Rite Plus4770.77
RTR3B4C1Earth-Rite RTR Tri-Mode6960.59
CA-25Coiled Cable w/ Clamp433.70
LED BulbsRed / Green51.65
SRB-50R50 ft. Yellow Reel811.38

Note: Static ground monitoring systems for special applications are available upon request. *For the external power supply system, one power supply (VESC91) and one junction box (VESM63) will be used with 2 or 3 Bond-Rite Remote EP monitoring units.

Static Grounding and Bonding Clamps

ModelPart NamePrice Per Unit ($)
REB 2960With Stainless Steel Points26.62
Stainless Steel Points3.58
GAT(without release harness)80.66
GAT-P(with release harness)90.65
GAT-P-IPIsolating Grounding Clamp123.06
VESX45Medium Duty, Stainless Steel Clamp164.13
VESX90Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel Clamp210.13
VUD-100Complete with Quick Release Harness76.52
VUD-101Complete less Quick Release Harness66.34

Personnel Grounding Clamps

ModelPart NamePrice Per Unit ($)
#891(Clean Room)44.86
#893(Industrial Application)69.51

Mobile Hazmat Static Ground Kit

ModelPart NamePrice Per Unit ($)
MHK2005Static Ground Kit1684.46
GRDS-S3Grounding Rods405.70
RDHMRGround Rod Hammer381.19
HZMATCASEHazmat Case567.08

Aircraft Grounding and Clamps Prices

ModelPart NamePrice Per Unit ($)
ALS-10AAircraft Grounding Clamp (MIL-M83413/7-1)30.63
ALS-10BAircraft and FIBC Grounding Clamp51.73
3/32” Nylon Coated SS Cable2.84 per ft.
110-GAir Grounding Clamp53.83
M83413/4-1Grounding Plug22.30
MS-3493-3Grounding Plug30.54

Retractable Cable Reel & Assembly Prices

ModelPart NamePrice Per Unit ($)
R-20Cable Reel w/ 20 ft. of Cable & REB Clamp268.84
G-20Cable Reel w/ 20 ft. of Cable & GAT-P Clamp324.29
R-50Cable Reel w/ 50 ft. of Cable & REB Clamp409.39
G-50Cable Reel w/ 50 ft. of Cable & GAT-P Clamp462.17
200-20RCable Reel w/ 50 ft. of Cable w/Alligator292.39
700-50RCable Reel w/ 75 ft. of Cable w/Alligator421.15

Retractable Cable Reel & Assembly Prices

ModelPart NamePrice Per Unit ($)
ML2930-Y50RReel w/50 ft. cable & REB702.64
ML2930-Y75RReel w/75 ft. cable & REB812.67
ML2930-Y100RReel w/100 ft. cable & REB852.23
RAC 5(5 ft. of Cable and REB Clamp)49.23
RAC 5-2(5 ft. of Cable and REB Clamp)75.03
RAC10(10 ft. of Cable and REB Clamp)57.99
RAC10+10(20 ft. of Cable and REB Clamp)67.83
RAC10-2(10 ft. of Cable and (2) REB Clamp)83.77
RAC10+10-2(20 ft. of Cable and (2) REB Clamp)93.62
RAC20(20 ft. of Cable and GAT-P Clamp)168.34
RAC20B(20 ft. of Cable and G-40 PC Clamp)195.62
RAC20+20(40 ft. of Cable and REB Clamp)69.80
RAC30(30 ft. of Cable and REB Clamp)77.65
RAC40(40 ft. of Cable and REB Clamp)219.53

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