Welcome to Essentially Electric®

You have found your way to Essentially Electric, a blog by the associates and guests of Royal Electric Supply Company. Welcome! We intend to use this blog to explore the essence of the electrical supply industry; the bits and pieces that make our little corner of the world such a wonderful place in which to dwell!

You might find interest in thoughts we share about the stuff we sell and why it is important to our customers who use it. Your curiosity may be piqued by tales of our experiences with the customers we serve and of how we serve them. You may find new ideas in the writings from some of our partners, as we ask them to tell us about their unique views of our industry, their companies, or their products.

You are invited to pop in for a minute or stay for the journey. Royal Electric Supply has been open for over 95 years, and you might find that we have some great stories to tell about the past, present and where we plan to go in the future. Please share in any way you wish, with questions, additions, corrections, stories, whatever. The cool thing about a blog is that any one observation may take us on a whole new journey. Welcome aboard!

– Rob Schimmel