Royal Electric Supply Company is
an SBA-Qualified Small Business.
Use your Small Business money here.

Your Electrical Equipment Vendor should speed you on your path to success…

Not slow you down.

You will find the finest manufacturers in the
Electrical Industry available from Royal Electric.

  • At those nation-wide electrical supply houses, 'customer service' is anything but.

  • Our plant will shut down without this item. Royal gets me out of jams.

  • The other guys can't help me figure out how to replace this old piece of equipment.

  • I am under pressure to reduce costs and inventory. I count on Royal to help me figure out a solution.

  • Every other distributor tries to push me to their favorite manufacturer.

  • Our safety officer requires us to address compliance issues.

  • When I call other supply houses, no one wants to help. They just want to sell.

  • I want to replace an old control panel but the other distributor was too busy to look at it.

  • Other supply houses don't understand that I need to show my boss the best possible price.

  • Other distributors don't seem to care about my urgency.

  • At those nation-wide electrical distributors, the salespeople are always changing.

  • I told the other distributor I needed it today. He said, 'Wow! That's like impossible, man.'

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